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BoSox, Padres, All-Star Game, Losing…

Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he’s losing; nobody wants you to quit   when you’re ahead.  

Jackie Robinson

Your team losing game after game, year after year, wears down baseball fans. Fickle fans stop showing up, spending their hard-earned dough and priceless discretionary time on other distractions. Fanatics don’t give up. It’s a safe bet most diehard fans of losing teams drink more beer than they should. Call it coping. Some of us eat our way through the game. Just ask Pablo Sandoval.

Me, I’m a Major League Baseball fanatic, but also a homey, thus the necessity of rooting for the San Diego Padres. Thankfully, I’m a native of Boston, giving me a second homey license. Love the Red Sox, almost always in playoff contention.

1978-all-star-game-sd1But the Padres have a major edge over the BoSox:  San Diego’s mild weather. Makes for many shorts and T-shirt nights at the ballpark. The Pads average rainouts every six to eight years. Boston? Rain, snow, and just plain cold for the opening months followed by months of “schwetty” day and night games.

Petco Park is also one helluva’ playground for fans of all ages. Padre front office has invested in a ton of technology to keep fans entertained while their players usually come at a discount. You get what you pay for.

On the other hand, Fenway has history, the Green Monster, and arguably the most fanatic fans in the Majors. Often, the games at Fenway resemble an NFL battle, where fans are constantly on their feet, shouting for their team and against the bad guys.

What about most Padre fans? Predictably, they are laid back folks. Many often arrive late to games and leave early. The younger adults and the kids are more interested in the stands are more interested in whether they are shown on the gigantic ballpark video screen. NFL,

In a way, you can’t blame these easily distracted fans. After all, who wants to keep a watchful eye on every pitch and play? Besides, one of the major appeals of the game is to enjoy the crowd and park’s ambience.

Papi Pedroia high fiveMeanwhile, the Padres go about their business, which most often is lose, lose, lose. Take solace, San Diegans in the knowledge that other cities have had chronic loser teams. The small market Pittsburgh Pirates once had losing records for 20 consecutive seasons. 2013 broke that losing streak, and the Pirates have never looked back.

Sure the Padres chalked up the National League’s best offensive stats for the month of June, and that should have garnered many W’s, but their pitching staff blew a fair share of the games.

And so it goes…Padre Fans continue to dream of having an MLB franchise overflowing with player talent that takes them to the playoffs year after year. Remember 1984 and ’98? Distant memories.

The Petco Park 2016 consolation prize: The All-Star game in a few days. Plenty of Major League studs will take the playing field July 11 (All-Star home run derby) and July 12 (All-Star game). Sadly, the Padres just have one of its players named to the All-Star team. First basemen/outfielder Will Myers made it as a reserve.

Perhaps another Padre representative will be the 1992 Home Run Derby winner. Mark McGwire, who is now the Padres bench coach.

Next week’s AS game will be the third AS game hosted by the Padres. Closer Trevor Hoffman was the token Padre named to the team in 1992. Ken Griffey, Jr. was the game’s MVP. In 1978, Steve Garvey was most valuable for the NL.

Four of my Red Sox named to the American League team.

The Major League All-Star game is slated for July 12 at Petco Park. Hopefully, the Padres will not have traded away Myers. I fear it may happen as we “rebuild.”


In 20-some years of playing fantasy baseball, I’ve lost more often than not. Simply put, the game is fun – win or lose. It’s also addicting. Enhances the real Major League games. Often conflicted when a pitcher or hitter opposing my Padres or Sox provides me with great stats. How about you?

How about injuries to ballplayers? Do you feel good when guys on one of your fantasy opponents’ rosters goes down with an injury? Me, it depends on the severity of the injury. If it’s serious, and I respect the Major Leaguer, then I do not relish the occurrence. Otherwise, I might just applaud the injury.


This is the first MLB season I am dabbling in the head-to-head game. Always been a Rotisserie-style competitor. Still am. Enjoying the H2H experience but will never give up Rotisserie.


The New York state senate has deemed fantasy sports legal, despite the daily fantasy craze. Now it’s up to NY’s governor to decide.

The multi-billion-dollar industry (includes Canada) boasts. 57.4 million fantasy sports players, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.


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