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Dad was D-Day Hero

Author John L. Nunes

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, otherwise known as D-Day. My father, John F. Nunes, was among the American infantrymen who landed at Omaha Beach.

What he did that day blew me away.

John F. Nunes Normandy Hero John F. Nunes
Normandy Hero

Dad rarely spoke about his service during all four years of WWII, other than infrequent, brief references. Certainly never in detail. When reaching his mid-sixties, Dad started talking about travelling to Normandy and visiting the vast graveyard of those who died on the beaches of Normandy while battling the Nazis.

Over the years, I learned about his heroic deeds from my mother.

When Dad passed away 14 years ago, I scraped together what I learned about him through Mom and news accounts. He never did make it back to Normandy. Below is an obituary I drafted for the San Diego Union. It was publicized, virtually unchanged, and ran…

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